Introduction to Okta Workforce Workflow to Google Workspace

Our goal is to use Okta as our primary IdP. We want to create new users in Okta Directory People by adding simple demographics. Then, Workforce Workflow automations should fire and assign the new user into geographic groups and role groups (like “US SW Developer”). As the new user appears in new groups, other workflow automation should push the user to app services like, especially, Google Workspace.

GW should create user-specific content for the new user and should delegate via SAML authentication responsibility back to Okta.

We regard this as a highly typical workflow and goal. Is there existing demonstration material that shows the necessary configuration of Okta, GW, and Okta Workflow Lifecycle Management for this?

If so, please link here.

If not, let us know what best practice we are overlooking which would indicate the recommended way to accomplish the same goal.