Is maui going to be added?

i want develop mobile app with .net maui.
but i cant find okta.maui nuget package, i just found okta.xamarin packages…

when i can use okta with maui app?


This is currently not on the roadmap for Okta. If you would like to have a .NET MAUI sdk then the best way forward would be to file an Okta Idea.

You can suggest a feature enhancement on the Okta Community page by going to the Community→ Ideas tab. Features suggested in our community are reviewed and can be voted and commented on by other members. High popularity will increase the likelihood of it being picked up by the Product Team and it being implemented.

More details here:

Update from our side after this was discussed internally:
We’re looking into MAUI but it is not in the public roadmap just yet.

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We have a mobile app in Xamarin and integrated with OKTA and it is working fine.
Now we are working to migrate the Xamarin app to MAUI and existing Xamarin OKTA integration is not working, we are looking for the OKTA with MAUI support.

We tried with the below AuthO implementation and it is working with the default authentication, but it is not supporting the AuthserverId to configure the custom session timeouts.

Add Authentication to .NET MAUI Apps with Auth0

Please suggest if any other package is available to integrate with MAUI or any insights to implement the AuthserverId.