Okta Client Library for .NET MAUI Apps

We are migrating one of our mobile apps from Xamarin to the .NET MAUI platform.

What is the recommended client library for .NET MAUI app integration with Okta?

We have tried the Auth0 client library but facing some challenges when trying to configure it with a custom authorization server.

Hello Sami,

Is this the Auth0 Client Library you are referring to?
If so this is not an Auth0 SDK, but a blog that shows how to integrate Maui with the Microsoft IdentityModel.OidcClient.

Glancing at the documentation I would expect this to work for Okta Integrations as well, at least with custom authorization servers. I have integrated IdentityModel.OidcClient with web-apps before and it worked.

Can you provide more information on the issue you are running into?

Thank You.