MFA Reset for only Admin account

I need help resetting MFA for my account on my Dev tenant.

Name: xxxxx
email: xxxxx

The only other admin on the tenant has long ago left the company so no way to have anyone reset for me internally. Restore of an iPhone resulted in me losing my Okta Verify entry for this environment.

I tried going through the Okta Community and then was redirected to support. Support in turn said they couldn’t help me and directed me here.

Lookout is an Okta customer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello Timothy,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some difficulty getting this taken care of. I have gone ahead and checked with my colleagues internally here at Okta and we’re going to get your access problem taken care of. Please go ahead and reply on your Support case so we can go through that process with you there and get you logged back onto your developer org.

If you have any more difficulty please let me know, but I believe we’ve gotten this misunderstanding taken care of and we should be able to get this resolved through the Support agent on your case. Thanks!

Thx for the follow up Daniel. I’ve responded to the Support Case accordingly and will hopefully get this resolved through them.


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