.Net Okta Sample app behind reverse proxy unexpected error

I downloaded the Okta .Net MVC sample application, connected it to an app in my Okta Dev environment. Everything works good.

I moved the sample application behind our reverse proxy. Now after clicking “Login” it takes me to an error page with “There was an unexpected internal error. Please try again”.

I checked my reports and system log in my console and I don’t see any errors. How can I see the error? Is there a guide on deploying Okta with a reverse proxy?

@mlogan I see a CORS error in the console log. How did you move the app? Did you add the redirect URI to trusted origin?

Hi @Lijia

I moved the application with normal file copy. I am only using the sample application at this point. My understanding is the redirect is handled by Okta itself.

In the sample app, in the web.config, I updated the following values to our Proxy address, not the address of the server.

Hi @Lijia

The new redirect URI is specified in the Okta console in sign-in redirect URIs.

Is there anyway to see the underlying message when we get “There was an unexpected internal error. Please try again.”.