Okta flask Python App works locally but not when I host it in Azure

Hi Folks,
I cloned Okta’s GitHub flask python code and it worked fine locally. But when I host it on Azure webapp I get 400 error.

Here is my code → https://github.com/cdevairakkam7/pre_production

following is the error link I get.


Here is my okta settings

I have also added my website to trusted origin.

Please tell me what else I should do to make this work.


Hi @cdaniel7,

Looking at the error message, it seems like your redirect_uri is https://uatomeletxyz.azurewebsites.net/oidc_callback

But in your app settings, you’ve added https://uatomeletxyz.azurewebsites.net/authorization-code/callback
Can you add a new redirect_uri with the value https://uatomeletxyz.azurewebsites.net/oidc_callback and try if that works?

Hi @vijet, Works. Thank you.

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