OKTA Login page design

When we create and design the Okta login page, we use a preview function to see how it will look. During this preview, we can observe the changes and developments we’ve made to the page.

However, once we save and publish these changes, we’ve noticed that they do not appear as expected in the different environments. It seems that the alterations we make to the login page are not being properly reflected in the live or testing environments.

Interestingly, when we apply changes to the domain, those modifications are reflected successfully. It’s as if changes made to the Okta login page itself are not taking effect, while changes to the domain settings are working as intended.
url is lms-idp.software-development.biz

Hello! Please ensure you’re editing the login page for the intended brand. It’s possible you might be making changes for one brand and testing another.

For more information, visit: Customize your sign-in page

We are using only one brand.If it’s trial version means shall we publish our customized code