Okta Python SDK -- Application SignOnMode

Using the okta python sdk and when I run a list_applications(), I have some apps that come back with sign_on_mode set to SAML_2_0, some OPENID_CONNECT and others return ApplicationSignOnMode objects of the SAML_2_0 or OPENIDCONNECT type.

I would have expected all of my SAML 2.0 Applications to come back as either the ApplicationSignOnMode.SAML_2_0 object or with the SAML_2_0 value but not a mixture… same with OIDC.

Any ideas why some return one way and others another? It is throwing off how I have to handle some things in a script I am using. I did not notice a difference in response when I query the API without the SDK but I could be missing something there.


It looks like the ones that come back without the object appear to be pre-configured apps. Some do not not have app settings set which is what threw off how I was handling these… anyone know if there is an api call that can be made to pull back a list of all current preconfigured apps?

Hi @gstotts I am looking into this now. When you say pre-configured apps - are you referring to Okta Integration Network apps?

@Cale Correct. I was referring to the Integration Network apps. The terraform provider refers to them as pre-configured so I guess I was just used to calling it that. :slight_smile:

Interesting find. Not sure if it’s a false positive or not as my tests show both types being returned for my OIN apps. Regardless, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention! I created a github issue that you can follow here:

@Cale Thanks. I could be wrong about the OIN apps versus others… was a correlation i saw with the small sample I was working with. Either way, it was making it difficult to iterate through the full list of applications and get data I was looking for. Thanks again.

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