On-prem application provisioning and profile mastering


We are trying to start an on-prem integration but the documentation is not to clear about the steps.
Do you have an updated doc or some recommended instructions on how to use an on-premise application for provisioning and also collecting users in Okta?

In your example we do not understand what types of apps to chose in the application add wizard, let’s say we want to integrate the MySql server like here

Do we select native, single page, web or machine-to-machine application, what is the best way to start all this?


Hi @Agets1981,

The type of application you choose matters for user authentication or SSO but not provisioning.
In your case, if you want to use OPP and SCIM provisioning and plan to use the application in Okta only for provisioning, you can just choose ‘Web’.


Hi @rajnadimpalli , thanks for reply

I cannot see provisioning feature when I add web app as you suggest:

so we can’t follow the guide to install the agent

we want to write users, provision them To app, and read users From app To Okta (profile mastering)

Thank you.

Hi @Agets1981,

You are probably not licensed to use On-premise provisioning feature.
Please raise a support ticket to check with Okta.