Progressive Profiling

We would like to use progressive profiling to ensure a user has entered an physical mailing address (in a CRM) for a specific application. I don’t want to have the 3rd party vendor worry about coding their application to check for the address.

Is there a way to configure progressive profiling so that upon login, via an inline hook, determine the address does not exists and present the user with a form to enter it, then continue onto the application. This ‘form’ would be a custom application that saves the data back into Okta profile once entered. I could do this part with Auth0, I just haven’t been able to find documentation of whether its possible with Identity Engine.

The Okta profile enrollment form won’t work here since addresses are complicated and require validation based on country (country and state drop downs come to mind), but we also use an external address validation service.

Have you looked into our Registration Inline Hooks? From what I can tell (I haven’t tested this yet myself), it should support Progressive Profile updates and your hook endpoint could help do some of this address validation and user will be prevented from completing the enrollment if your hook sets the action as DENY, as in this example: Registration inline hook reference | Okta Developer

I like the concept of the registration inline hook, but there is no mention of sending the user to a separate app to complete information. I’d like to be able to send users to a separate app. For example, address 2 is not required, but how to you make it optional when address 1 is required? The same goes for states when the country is not USA or Canada.

And for progressive profiling, I’d like to say, on the 7th login, ask the user their gender (and let them not answer). On the 10th login, ask them to verify their year of birth. Again, they can skip it.

Has anyone done this with OIE? Is this something that needs to be completely custom?