How to make progressive profiling?

I am trying to implement progressive profiling like a read in
But it doesn’t work.
I have added a custom attribute in the oidc_client profile of my application and i have added the next mapping for request the school name and school address in the next login of the users that are member of the group HSAdmin (if they haven’t done):
Arrays.flatten({},((isMemberOfGroupName(“HSAdmin”) AND (user.schoolName == “” OR user.schoolName == NULL)) ? “schoolName” : {}), ((isMemberOfGroupName(“HSAdmin”) AND (user.schoolAddress == “” OR user.schoolAddress == NULL)) ? “schoolAddress” : {}))

After this change, when I do login with a user that is member of the HSAdmin group, okta doesn’t ask for the School name and School address just after the login screen.
The desired effect must be something like the showed at minute 12:48 in the video , where after loged in the user is prompted to fullfil the missing information.
What is missing?

Me too, please. How do I get Okta SIgnin Widget to automatically ask for these things?

Last time I was at a partner webinar they explained it to us and that it is possible via the okta API but the widget does not have this built in to my knowledge?

You will have to create your own interface that call /user endpoint in the backend to update the user with the info they provided through your interface.

Thanks. Bummer. I understand of course that you need your own server-side app to update the /user profile.But can the signon widget recognize that the attribute needs populating and throw up a dialog box to capture? (I tried to follow the blog, but I don’t see any where to add the form)

I had a quick look at the demo and it does not look like the okta widget we all know and love.
It is a custom widget they built themself with simple fields like ‘email’.

It is something you have to build youself with Okta API calls. By following the blog you basically extend your user schema which is the first step.

I am looking to setup a little demo myself this weekend, I have a good idea on how I can do it. Ill post the source later.

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that would be very helpful. :+1: