Register API throwing error

I enabled user sign up on okta hosted login page. When user tries to self register, it get back an error. " registration can not be completed at this time."

The request API is “

“userProfile”: {
“email”: “”,
“password”: “Okta123!”,
“firstName”: “Brand”,
“lastName”: “User5”,
“distinguishedName”: “Selfservice”,
“objectGUID”: “SelfService”,
“managerId”: “1234”
“relayState”: “/oauth2/v1/authorize/redirect?okta_key=OOUr6ci2z1PWRNVraVfuGZZiAtlYUdPVJ4NWzEv3DGc”


“errorCode”: “E0000001”,
“errorSummary”: “Api validation failed: null”,
“errorLink”: “E0000001”,
“errorId”: “oaeCGboj2PXSvmQV3dXnpCutA”,
“errorCauses”: [
“errorSummary”: “Registration cannot be completed at this time”,
“reason”: “UNKNOWN”,
“domain”: “registration request”

@glbairwa Would you be able to capture the network requests as a har file (from browser developer tools) and create a case with Okta Support for this issue ?