Reusing Custom Email Sender Domain

Is it possible to use the same custom email sender domain in two Okta tenants? We have two preview accounts we want to come from but due to the fact that we are required to setup different DNS for both we cannot. Is there a workaround for this?

Settings => Email & SMS Configuration => Sender => Custom Email Domain

Hi @quantumew

At the moment, we do not support having two Okta tenants with the same email due to the DNS differences.

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@dragos Thanks for confirming!

@dragos: But DNS would be for custom domain. Custom email would just be SPF and DKIM records that would match with Okta servers across tenants? I have the same question because we are planning for custom email domain for our sandbox and preview tenants and creating different sub domains seems unnecessary.

Hi @gsvivek

Okta uses SendGrid for sending emails. As such, when configuring the custom email domain, Okta will ask you to add a CNAME entry to be added on your end pointing out to Once the configuration is done, the details are saved also on SendGrid side. A second configuration from a different Okta org on the same subdomain on your end will create a conflict on SendGrid side.

Thanks @dragos for the clarification. That helps!