Saml Hooks- for update with custom parameters

Hi, I am trying to configure inline hooks for any update event of a user. But the SAML assertion Inline hook is only triggered on the login of a user. So any update during the user is logged in wont be synced in the external application. On using event hooks for the same scenario we don’t get the data for the updated parameters which were added custom from profile editor.

If anyone know or have some other alternative on user update sync from SAML to external please do let me know.


Hello @Alloran

The SAML hook is used when Okta generates a SAML Response to be consumed by an application. This give you the opportunity to modify SAML Attributes.
In the scenario of receiving a SAML Response for sign-on into Okta the hook will not be invoked.

Okta does not log specifics in the system log when a user account is updated other then the account has been updated, so using the streaming logs API would not be beneficial.

The easiest way I know to accomplish something similar would be to use an event hook and then have the service which receives the event use the Okta Management API to get the user profile. This will return the full profile, not just updates.

Another option would be to use a SCIM server, but user profile updates will result in full profile pushes, not just diffs. It would be the same result as above.

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