SAML wizard is hidden

Hi there,

I was trying to make SAML example working when I realized that I only was able to access OAuth setup from “Add application” link. Luckily I tried wizard URL that I spotted on the screenshot (see the link) and typing “admin/apps/saml-wizard/create” brought up the SAML wizard that I was able to use as described. So the question is why? Is SAML discouraged vs OAuth or am I missing something?


I think I’m able to answer my own question. I was using a “Classic UI” vs “Developer Console” that you can change from the link in the top left corner. However question remains why SAML wizard is not available from the developer console?

It is a feature that we haven’t added to the developer console yet. We expect most developers to use OAuth or OIDC rather than SAML.

Sorry to bug you this way but I have a pressing issue with
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Sorry, I’m traveling for the next two weeks, so it’s hard to respond to these in a timely manner.

No worries. BTW I was flagged as a spammer by referring to your blog and project :slight_smile:

Sorry, spam detection was catching it, should be fixed now!