SCIM provisioning identify user company


I was wondering if there is an option to somehow identify users company (id or domain) that it belongs to within SCIM provisioning from OKTA to our SCIM Server?


Hi @ksarmanov

You can use this API call to get the users that are provisioned to a particular SCIM application.

Hi @dragos,
Thanks for your reply.

But the thing is that I need to get a company (tenant) that provisioned user belongs to. Is there an option to get company id or domain from the user that is being provisioned via SCIM?

The thing is that if new user is created, how do we know to which company or tenant it belongs to? Is there any better options where I could fetch company or tenant information based on the user?

Hi @ksarmanov

By default, there are no details in request in regards to the Okta org from where the user comes from. The best solution would be to populate Organization field for the users assigned to the SCIM applications in order to able to track them further in the SCIM server.