Selfservice factor cusomization based on user policy in classic engine

Hello, We have a new requirement where end users should only view the applicable factors assigned in the policy after clicking on forgot password. Currently its showing all the factors assigned in all the policies. We are using Okta classic engine. Has anyone done this before by changing sign in page code or by some other way?


With Okta classic the recover factors I believe will be a union of all the allowed factors (sms/email/voice) for all the polices that have the group everyone assigned too it and allows password recovery.

If you are unable to remove the everyone group from all but one policy another option would be to use the widget afterRender() callback.

This assumes you are working with a self hosted widget or have a custom domain URL setup for your Okta Org. In afterRender() you would want to verify that the controller is forgot-password and then hide/remove the element.

oktaSignIn.on('afterRender', function (context) {
    if (context.controller === 'forgot-password') {
        document.getElementsByClassName('button button-primary button-wide sms-button link-button')[0].remove();

Hi Eric, Thanks for the reply. Before hiding the factors, Is it possible to get the User details which the end user enters in his forgot password page to check the factors he is part of?

PHilip Noble