Unable to find Add Authorization Server button in Development dashboard

Very new user question

All the documentation and video’s say go to the Security menu and select the sub-menu API
In the Security menu there are only 3 sub-menus

  • Attack Protection
  • Multi-factor Auth
  • Monitoring

I can find the API sub-menu under Applications but when I select it I see
Auth0 Management API but no tab: Authorization Servers

Where can I find documentation matching the Dashboard I’m looking at. This is what I see:

Any help or pointers to video, web pages, … that match what I’m working with would SO helpful

Thank You

You appear to be using an Auth0 (now called Customer Identity Cloud, or CIC) tenant. The Authorization Servers tab you mentioned however will only exist in Okta tenants. If you’re using an Auth0 org, you’ll want to make sure you’re following the guides/documentation written for the Auth0 platform

Thank You very much – That was a key bit of information.
I did not even realize that the choice I made weeks ago between

  • auth0 or Customer Identity Cloud (CIC) developer Account
  • Workforce Identity Cloud developer account
    made such a huge difference. :grinning:


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