Users are not able to see app chicklet

I have been using OKTA developer account for a couple of months. All of a sudden I can’t seem to assign newly created apps to test users any more. The app assignment to the users/group went fine and even registered in the log. However, when I logon as a test user who has the new app assigned, there is no app to be seem in Okta portal. I even created a bunch of new accounts and assigned multiple apps and none of the users have any app assigned to it.

Not sure why.

A change was made recently that caused apps to no longer be assigned to the Everyone group by default. We plan to revert this behavior on April 15. For now, you might want to check what groups/users are assigned to new apps.

Thank you for your response. There is really one app to one user and one group (which also has one user) that is not everyone group. Is there anything else that I could do? I have tried 3 development accounts and all shown exact same behavior with less than 5 users per tenant.

Ah… this app (Amazon workspaces) doesn’t show it to the user at all. My bad. I never seem the app it doesn’t show chicklet to the user before.
False alarm. Resolving myself.

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