Brand Custom Domain while using Ultra DNS and Cloudflare

I am trying to assign a custom domain to OKTA preview application, unable to validate sub-domain to assign custom domain to the application.

We have Cloudflare serving as WAF for the traffic and UltraDNS in the front as DNS management.
To validate the TXT/CNAME, we have updated UDNS to directly point to Okta resource.

TXT → → 6522xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The idea is to validate the domain and then switch the UDNS entry back to Cloudflare to serve the traffic.
I have checked propagation of sub-domain using MXToolBox and Google’s DIG tool, both are showing that the sub-domain is valid and pointing to correct resource for validateion.

Does sub-domain need both CNAME and TXT entries? Or just TXT is enough to validate?

Hi there @sanjayzalke !

I have not tried Cloudflare, but I set up a custom domain and a subdomain for login on AWS. I did have to set the CNAME for the subdomain in my case.

I didn’t get into the details of the DNS setup since it is very provider specific, but here’s a post that covers the overall configuration at a higher level.

Let us know how it goes for you!