Creating an Okta NATIVE application from Mule Exchange

How can I get Mule Exchange to create an Okta application of type “Native”?

I am trying to add authentication and authorisation to an Ionic mobile app accessing a Mule endpoint using Okta as the OIDC provider. I want to use the Authorization Code Grant Flow with PKCE from my mobile app.

I am following Tom Smith’s blog post here, although that is accessing the Mule endpoint via a browser rather than a mobile app.

When you request access to an API in Mule Anypoint Exchange and create an app in Exchange, it creates an app in Okta, but the application type is “Web”. Because it’s Web, I don’t have the option to set the client authentication to “Use PKCE”, which is only available for Native apps.

So how do I hook a native Okta app up to a Mule endpoint?