Custom url domain configuration not working

I followed the guide on the documentation to get a custom domain url. I got a free domain on freenom(.tk) because is only for testing purposes. I linked the domain in the account but is not working. The domain name is and when i access on browser, or or any other url related i get The requested URL was not found on this server.

This is what Dig shows about domain:

Hi @robertdg11

The issue occurs because there is a mismatch between the configurations in DNS and Okta. The subdomain “www” is configured as CNAME to point out to your Okta org, while, in Okta, you have added the main domain and not the www subdomain.

Can you align the configuration and try again to access? The easiest way to do this would be to add a CNAME directly on to point out to

Hi @dragos

Thanks for the response. I tried like this initially but freenom won’t let me set a CNAME record directly from to

I always get this error:

From what I understand searching on google, “a domain’s root can’t be CNAME” so probably that’s why freenom won’t let me. Is there any workaround?


Hi @robertdg11

Can you reconfigure the domain inside of Okta to be instead of