Different fromURI based on group value assigned to user on "user activation" email

Hi folks,

Currently in the “User Activation” email template, after successful activation we are redirecting users to one static page using “fromURI” keyword but we want to set n number of static pages as per the group assigned to users (as per requirement, one user can have just one group only).


But now the problem is, every app users are landing to https://mydomain/success after user activation. How it can be separate per application?


Unfortunately, the email template currently does not support support customization for different applications. One suggestion is to redirect the user to a common landing page and then add custom logic to determine which application the user should be redirected to.

Thanks for the reply.

Currently we are landing users to a common static html page which is common to all type of application users but how users will get to know that where they have to go now from here? If we publish any information about “Application_A” that will be visible to “Applicatiob_B” users as well upon user activation completion, which is not correct.

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