Disable the Security Question and Answers for a user

Hi ,

I have created a user for my application and also set a temporary password for him. Whenever He will login into the application , He will be asked to change the password.
According to default Policy setting , He need to set up the security questions and answers. I read some post regarding that and found solution as:

To disable security questions, do the following:

  1. In Admin Console, go to Security >[Authentication] .
  2. Click Edit to make changes.
  3. Scroll down to Account Recovery .
  4. Clear the Security question check box under the Additional self-service recovery option .

So for my account , I am not able to see this option. I am just get the three options there:

  1. Self service recovery option - (SMS)
    2.Reset Unlock recovery valid for- (1 hr)
  2. Password recovery complexity - (4 )Char

I did not find any option to remove the security question option.
Looking for the inputs…

Many Thanks.

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Hi @richajaiswal

This is a feature that can be enabled by Support. Please feel free to send an email to support@okta.com and request it to be enabled for your Okta tenant.

Also, it’s not available for developer accounts…so $ please.

You may also want to have them enable “Email Self-Service Recovery” that allows a traditional password email reset link to be sent (without the challenge options).