Google Credentials Provider with Okta

We use Google Credentials Provider for Windows (GCPW) to allow users to log into their Windows machine with their Google credentials. Google Credential Provider for Windows®

We have integrated Okta with Google, now when users try to log into their Windows machine via GCPW they enter their Google email, then redirects to Okta login and enter their Okta credentials, then it goes back to Google login screen. This is a bug and stuck in a loop and users cannot login when Okta and Google are integrated.

A few things:

  1. Can this bug be fixed? We would like to be able to integrate Okta with Google and still be able to use GCPW so users can log into their Windows machine. We do not have Active Directory or Azure so we use GCPW to manage our computer login.
  2. If this can’t be fixed - can Okta come up with their own solution to manage Windows computer login similar to GCPW or a cloud Active Directory?