I want to add a new IdP item


I would like to add Kakao IdP items rather than using OpenID Connect IdP in the menu below. How can I do that?

I’m guessing they don’t support OpenID Connect, but does Kakao support SAML? If the provider isn’t in the list and it doesn’t support either the SAML or OpenID Connect protocols, then most likely it won’t work.

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We support OpenID Connect.
You can check it out at the link below.

Concepts | Kakao Developers Concepts
REST API | Kakao Developers REST API

We want many users to use Kakao IdP easily in okta.

Hi @iloveokta1,

I’m a member of the product development team here at Okta. At this time, we’re not accepting submissions to be an IdP in our integration catalog. I’ve noted your interest. If that changes in the future, we can contact you.

As Andrea said, you’re welcome to instruct your customers using Okta to configure Kakao as an OpenID Connect IdP in Okta.


We are receiving a lot of inquiries about the integrated catalog. From social services such as Facebook to third services such as Gucci. In order for them to suggest using okta to customers in Korea.

We and okta customers prefer to use the catalog method rather than OpenID Connect IdP configuration.

Please contact me if there are any changes.(I hope it will be changed soon. :slight_smile: )