Unable to Raise a support case using super admin developer account

I am trying to raise a case with okta but i am ended up at below page. Can you help me to resolve this error page ?

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Are you a paid customer or are you using a Free Trial or Developer Free Okta Org?

hi Andrea, i am using free developer okta org. for testing.

Then what you are seeing makes sense: only paid accounts can open support cases and anyone using a free org can only receive assistance via our community forums (either this developer-focused one or the main community forum)

ok, I want to raise a ticket to enable workflows console in my okta developer free account. I didn’t find any solution on this. can you help me how we need to enable workflow console ?

Developer Free orgs are not eligible to use Workflows. If you are a paid customer and are looking to test something out in Workflows, I would recommend opening a case under your paid org to see what your options are.

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