Okta Sign In customization

Hey guys!

Is there a way to edit/remove these things?

  • Remove “Need help signing in” section
  • Remove security image avatar
  • Customize “Don’t have an account” - Signup click

I’m using version 3, and I’m not seeing these options in Okta Customization panel - Customize Sign-In Page, could you please help?


Hi @rodrigowpl

This can be removed using custom domain feature, as this gives you the ability to modify the HTML, CSS and JSON on the log in page. On the Okta domain, only the following options can be removed:

  • Security image: Admin >> Settings >> Customization >> Optional User Account Fields >> Edit >> change Security Image
  • Sign up: Admin >> Directory >> Self Service Registration >> Edit >> change Self-service registration

Hey @dragos, thanks for your help, I’m wasn’t able to find these options, can you provide a print screen please?

Hi @rodrigowpl

For security image

For self service registration

If you are using the Developer Console (dark) interface, please hover over Developer Console on top left of the screen inside the admin panel and switch to Classic UI.

Hi @dragos

Thanks for showing that we have to switch to the classic UI to set some things up. That really helped a lot!

I have two more questions:

  1. During sign in, is it possible to change the sign in button name?

  2. I have also set up the emails but in every email the okta logo is shown. Do I have to edit each email template in order to change that logo to a different one or is there a setting to do this for all email templates?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @mana

Yes, if you are using a Custom Domain which gives you the possibility of editing the HTML/JavaScript content of the login page under the custom domain address.

The logo will need to be changed individually for every email template.

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